Tocayah White Lion MMA Sparring Gloves

Tocayah White Lion MMA Sparring Gloves


The Tocayah White Lion MMA Sparring Gloves : Great news for MMA fans, Tocayah has designed the best gloves for you . Hand made from genuine cowhide leather, they offer full protection and help maintaining your wrist in a safe position so as you can fight in complete confort. Beautiful design and, as all Tocayah equipment, very affordable.



Made with ream cowhide leather, HAND made and styled in a pre curved design. They guarantee maximum protection and has a wrist support technology which keep you safe during your training sessions. They fit perfectly to your wrist and available in different sizes.

  • Genuine cowhide leather.
  • Perfect fit and feel.
  • Patented wrist support technology helps eliminate hand train to ensure the best in protection and safety.
  • Pre-curved design.
  • Hand Made.

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