Hand Wraps – 6M-Red

Hand Wraps – 6M-Red

Red Boxing Hand Wraps – 6M : : Made from 40% soft, slightly stretch cotton and 60% nylon, with velcro fastening. The bandage is 6 meters long and has a thumb loop for easy use. Our hand wraps are durable and can be washed and reused as much as you want.

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Tocayah Red Hand Wraps: Made from the highest quality materials, Tocayah bandages will be a staple in your gear bag. You won’t be able to tackle a workout without them.

  • 60% Nylon
  •  40% Cotton
  •  Length: 6 Metres
  •  Features safety attributes
  •  Made with premium quality material
  •  Designed to provide long-lasting functionality and durability
  •  Hook and loop closure for a secure fit


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