Tocayah Champion 1.0 MMA Fighting Gloves

Tocayah Champion 1.0 MMA Fighting Gloves


The Tocayah champion 1.0 MMA gloves : Great news for MMA fans, Tocayah has designed the best gloves for you . Hand made from genuine cowhide leather, they offer full protection and help maintaining hour wrist in a safe position so as you can fight in complete confort. Beautiful design and, as all Tocayah equipment, very affordable.



Genuine cowhide leather provides the strength and support you need – whether it’s to dominate in grappling or exchanging a flurry of blows with your opponent.  Open palm design maximizes range of motion and provides ventilation for a sweat-free grip that will give you an edge in grappling. Breathable fabric lining ensures hands are comfortable and prevents odor buildup from accumulated sweat. Combination of shock-absorbent gel and compact foam padding soaks up the impact to protect hands. Hook-and-loop closure system provides a snug fit and outstanding wrist support for all grappling and punching activities.

  • Genuine cowhide leather MMA gloves are built to last through intense combat
  • Inside padding soaks up the impact from brutal blows, protecting the knuckles and thumb from injury
  • O-Palm design ensures ventilation, optimal dexterity and mobility for executing advanced grappling moves
  • Hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit and ample wrist support
  • Color : Black & Gold

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