Tocayah White Hand Wraps


The Tocayah White Hand Wraps: Whether you’re training, sparring or just need some extra hand and wrist support, our hand wraps are the perfect choice. Not only do they offer protection from injury, but they also have a thumb loop for easy wrapping and a hook and loop closure to keep them in place while you work out.

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The Tocayah White Hand Wraps: made from 40% cotton and 60% Nylon, they are tightly wrapped around your wrist and hand to help maintain it in a secure position, and prevent injuries even with hard and powerful punches.

  • 60% Nylon
  • 40% Cotton
  • Length: 6 Meters
  • Features safety attributes
  • Made with premium quality material
  • Designed to provide long-lasting functionality and durability
  • Hook and loop closure for a secure fit




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